Maison Visionnaire

Where Scent Meets Art

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Maison Visionnaire?

Maison Visionnaire is a fragrance house in New York City. We believe that everyone needs experiences in their lives – sometimes it’s to bring us a little more joy into the moment, other times it’s to bring back memories of far and distant lands that we have travelled to. 

Maison Visionnaire diffusers and candles help you create a lifestyle that truly embodies who you are, the atmosphere and elegance that Maison Visionnaire delivers in your home is a reflection of who you are in your world.

What fragrances do you use?

We use European Fragrances, they bring about an authentic experience that smells exquisite!

What is a ‘Scented Art Diffuser’?

It works in a similar way to a ‘reed’ diffuser, however, it is designed to be seen in your room (not tucked away in a corner) Our Diffusers are beautiful to look at and the CDF (Composite Diffuser Fiber) enables the fragrance to really fill a room in a much more powerful way.

How long to your Scented Art Diffusers last for?

They typically last for 4-6 months, depending on the room size and air circulation of your room.

What wax do you use for your candles?

Our wax formulation is primarily soy with a small percentage of plant based wax, however, we do sometimes add a little paraffin to the enable a longer, more even burn.

How long do your candles burn for?

Our candles will burn for about 45 hours. To get the best from your candle make sure that you trim the wick and burn until there is a nice pool of wax.